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Fishing Report


Caught on New TFO GIS SP 1102-2 Rod and a Pappy's Pride Plug

      Pete Kelly (27.84#)        43.00 inches Long

2017 Fall Store Tournament Standings - Bass

         John Matt (48.00#)           51-1/2 inches Long


        John Baxter (29.76#)          42-1/2 inches Long


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Tuesday, December 12th, 2017-​​​

11:10 AM- There were a few short bass reported yesterday in the wash on bait and plugs as you can see in the report below.  There are a few guys trying this morning and will let you know if I hear back from them.  We are out of fresh fresh bunker at the moment.  We hope to get in more fresh bunker this Thursday or Friday- I will keep you posted on that.  The Derby might be over, but our store Striped Bass Contest runs through December 31st.  Good luck to those still out there trying.  Our revised store hours are posted  above- But you can always call our cell phones if you need anything outside of our normal store hours.  Our 25% off SALE  is still underway and continues through December 25th.  Some great deals just in time for Christmas.  We also have a load of Green Crabs in stock.  Buy 1 dozen get 2 dozen now through the end of the year while they last.  We are doing the same for live EELS, buy one get one free while supplies last.  Let you know if I hear of fish being caught.- John

Yesterday (12/11/17)- There are still short Bass in the wash on bait and plugs.  Steve Hasings of the Merchantville Fishing Club reported double digit "schoolie" bass on small swim-shads in North Beach.  John Baxter also reported a few short bass on bait.  No keeper Bass caught that I was aware of.  Also I had no reports of Tog from the inlet.  Not sure if the Tog are still there or not.  I'm hoping to get some specific reports from a couple of guys that were trying, just haven't heard back from them yet. - John

Recently (12/09/17)- The weather seemed to keep many anglers off the beach today, but there were still people fishing.  We had scattered reports of "schoolie" Bass on bait and plugs/teasers with a few keeper size fish mixed in.  Chauncey (left photo) sent in this shot of his 31 inch Bass he landed last night at 10:30PM in Ship Bottom.  He also released a short fish as well.  Local Surf City resident Eric sent me his report this morning at 4:50AM from the front beach in Surf City.  He had non-stop action for an hour straight releasing 6 short bass and losing several others.  We also had a Derby Bass weighed in already this morning.  Bill Montrey (middle photo) caught this 8.40 pound, 29-1/4 inch Bass from the Harvey Cedars surf on bunker.  Bill landed this fish around 7:30 this morning and also released a short fish as well.  Don Ingling (right photo) caught this 12.80 pound, 33-1/4 inch fish on bunker in Harvey Cedars.  Don caught the fish at 4:15PM today.  Nice fish Don!!  One of the largest we've seen from the beach in a while. - John



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