​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Thursday, October 19th, 2017- 

8:30 PM Update- Just got a chance to post that photo I mentioned in the last update.  Dave & Joe (photo below) were back in again today with another limit of Tog.  They had a load of keeper size fish, but kept these two 3.18, and 3.58 pound fish for the table.  They were fishing the north end of #LBI on the boat "Eat My Wake" & were using green crabs.  Nice fish guys!!! - John

6:10 PM Update- We just got in another load of Fresh Bunker.  Another big delivery is scheduled for tomorrow as well.  Tog fishing still HOT at the inlet.  Joe & Dave just in with their limit of Blackfish both over 3 pounds.  Pictures to follow soon. - John


9:00 AM Update- When I got back to the shop with the fresh bunker there was a nice fish on the scale.  Pat Presutto (photo below) beached this 42-1/2 inch, 27.36 pound Derby Bass from the Harvey Cedars surf on Bunker.  Congrats to Pat!!!  There were reports yesterday of some nice bass to our north busting through bait along the beaches.  Hopefully these fish are headed our way.  I will keep you posted. - John

8:35 AM Update-FRESH BUNKER Has Arrived!!!!

6:25 AM- Skates & Dogfish reported for the most part again yesterday.  There were no derby weigh-in's that I know of.  The Tog bite remains very good at the inlet.  We are currently uut of Fresh Bunker - very sorry.  Our netter is out now, so I hope to get some "freshies" in sometime this morning.  I will keep you posted on that.  Still no live surf clams either.  Apparently the clam boats are having a hard time locating clams - not sure why that is.  We have a standing order with two vendors, so hopefully we will have clams soon.  Until then we do have salted clams.  We still have some Fresh Mullet and will continue trying for fresh mullet if we can find them.  FYI- we will be getting in Blood Worms for this weekend's ASAC Tournament hosted by the Merchantville Fishing Club.  Several guys in this morning for bait but no reports yet.  Let you know as soon as I hear of anything. - John

Yesterday (10/18/17)- Skates, Dogfish, & small bluefish dominated most of the reports again today.  But we dis get a couple reports:  James & Marissa (left photo) had a load of skates and this nice Kingfish.  Can't believe they are still around.  That might be the fish to target in this Saturday's ASAC tournament.  Jeff Crabtree (right photo) stopped in with this nice 5.8 pound Blackfish he caught today at the Barnegat Inlet on green crabs.  Nice fish Jeff!!  I will let you know if I hear of anything more. - John

Day before Yesterday (10/17/17)- Skates, Dogfish, & small bluefish dominated most of the reports today.  But there was a bluefish and a bass weighed in for the derby, so there are some fish around.  Reports that the Blackfish/Tog bite at the Barnegat inlet is still very good.  Lots of short fish, but enough keepers in the mix to keep it interesting.  Joe & Dave (photo below) limited out on Blackfish/Tog this afternoon on Joe's boat the "Eat my Wake".  The largest fish went 3.9 pounds.  Nice eats guys!! - John


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