2016 Spring Store Tournament Standings - Bass


​​​​​Water Temp:  67
​Wind:  South 10-15 kt.
LO am- 7:51
  LO pm- 8:32  
 HIGH am- 1:26
​ HIGH pm- 2:05

1st (Largest takes all)

Bogart Kindt (15#, 9oz.)

2016 Spring Store Tournament Standings - Bluefish


Martin Supsie (25#, 1oz.)

Tim Stumpf (22#, 8oz.) 

Jimmy Betz (16#, 15oz.)

       Paul Haertel (47#, 1oz.)  


Monday,  June 27th, 2016

3:00 PM- Skates & Dogfish are keeping most surf anglers busy, but Bluefish, Summer Flounder, and the occasional Bass are keeping things interesting.  Some reports of Kingfish in the surf on the south end of LBI.  Lets hope they make a good showing soon. Crabbing in the bay is decent along the bulkheads & lagoons.  Not as many keepers as we'd like to see but it's fun trying.  This is day #2 for SHARK WEEK 2016!!!!!  We will have it running in our store all week long. - John

Yesterday 6/26/16- Skates & Dogfish again for many anglers.  Some bluefish and short fluke also reported along the beaches. - John

  • $15.00 per day. Weekly=$50.00 
  • Rigs, bait, sinkers, sand spikes....are not included in rental price.
  • Cart rental includes bait cooler



We really like when we get reports back & pictures make it even nicer. Towards the end of June 2015 we had the pleasure of meeting a friendship duo Wayne & Jim. Wayne was kind enough to say these words~Good morning Sue, John & Holden, 
We came to Surf City for a family reunion, but I also came with the intensions of catching some fish.  That's why I call it 'catching' and not fishing.  And all three of you are the reasons we enjoyed ourselves so much on the shores of Surf City catching our different fish after the sun AND moon cooled off in the ocean!  The blues were fun to land and certainly quite different than landing them from a boat 25 miles off shore.  Perhaps with a bit more practice, we could go for their striper cousins!   Jim spent the last 20+ years in Alaska claiming he worked for a living, but we all know he spent years tossing his fishing line into the beautiful waterways of the state.  My wife & I are from Pittsburgh, Pa, and we have been blessed to have put our fishing lines in waters(salt & fresh) all over the USA & Canada at different times. Thanks for your gift of enthusiasm & passion for the sport and for the use of your equipment and cleaning station on the morning after.  We hope to see you next year about the same time when we stop in to see your smiles, check on what's running and pick up the necessities to go 'catching' once again. God bless.  Wayne

If Wayne & Jim are reading this-please know the pleasure was all ours. We love what we do & we are who we are because of you & everyone else who steps through our doors. We are truly blessed. It was so much fun getting to know the two of you. Look forward to seeing you again. Until we meet again, keep smiling & enjoying life, after all each day is another day in paradise!

Available: Fresh Bunker, Surf Clams, Minnows,  Salted Clams, Shucked Clams, Salted Bunker Chunks, Vac. Pack Bunker, Crabbing Bunker, Squid Strips-plain & shedder crab, Whole Squid, Squid Bits, Tube Squid, Spearing, Salted Mackerel, Smelts, Mullet, Sand Eels, Clam (Qt) & Bunker Chum (Qt & 5 Gal)

Out of:  Blood Worms, EELS, Green Crabs

Not in stock:  Fresh Spearing, Fresh Mullet


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