Nolan & Payton (5-5/16")

Tuesday,  August 30th, 2016

9:15 AM - Kingfish are being caught in some decent numbers in the mid-island area, as you can see yesterday's report below.  Blood worm & Fishbite combination seems to be the most productive.  Small  bluefish up to a pound or so were reported using bait, teasers, & small metal artificials.  We have had a few Pompano reported along the beach as well.  Fluke along the beaches and inlet, but most of them are under the 18 inch "keeper" size.  Snapper Blues in the bay are still hitting spearing for most people trying for them.  Loads of snapper blues reported near the lighthouse at the inlet and in the wash in the Barnegat Light surf.  Crabbing has been decent but is better on the West side of the bay.  The final week #9 of our Kid's Crabbing Contest is underway - Good Luck to Everyone!! - John


Yesterday (8/29/16)- We have a new leader for week #9 of our Kid's Crabbing Contest.  Stevan (left photo) just brought in this nice 5-7/8 inch blue claw.  Congrats to Stevan and thanks for bringing in your catch.  Also had a report from Bo (right photo) & his dad.  They were fishing the mid-island surf and nailed 2 kingfish in the first 10 minutes, then the action just stopped.  They were back in the afternoon and caught a few more kingfish.  Heard a few other reports of kingfish from the mid-island surf including a few double headers.  Using the blood worm & fishbite comination on the same hoos seems to be producing best. - John

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Stevan (5-7/8")

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