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Fishing Report

Sunday, April 23rd , 2017-

7:15 AM- Yesterday was another good day of surf fishing for many anglers on LBI as you can see from yesterday's report below.  Not everyone caught fish, but many did and it was hard to keep up with the weigh-ins.  Hope the fishing gets even better now that May is just around the corner.  Big blues & short bass reported along the entire beach front, but it's hit or miss where the action occurs.  Tog fishing at the inlet remains strong with many keepers reported.  Bluefish at the inlet are also hit or miss.  You just have to be there when they come through.  We have a good supply of fresh bunker, surf clams, & green crabs.  Several anglers in for bait early this morning.  I will let you know if we hear any reports. - John  

FYI- We will NOT be available for our 24 hour service for the next few days.  So tonight thru Thursday (4/27) we will only be open during our normal posted hours listed above.  Also I will not be able to update the website during this time.

Yesterday (04/23/14)- Another decent day of fishing on the beaches & inlet for several anglers - but not everyone was catching fish.  The blues were hit & miss much like yesterday.  Several reports of short bass continue from the from beaches, inlet, and bay areas.  Here are some of the highlights & photos from today.  I hope I'm not missing anyone.  We started off the dasy with Pete Kelly (bottom row left) and John Moran (bottom row right) weiging in bluefish for our store tournament.  Then Alyssa (top row left) sent in a nice shot of the bluefish she caught from the Surf City beach on bunker.  Dave H. (top row middle) with a big bluefish from the jetty on a plug.  Chauncey Beekler (top row right) with 2 more bluefish for the day in the 10+ pound range on bunker from the surf.  Mike Commisso (2nd row left) with nice 10+ pound blues from the beach as well.  I did my best to help Pedro, aka "Q" (2nd row middle) get on fish.  Yesterday it didn't seem to help, but today be bested this 8 pound bluefish from the inlet jetty on a red tail diamond jig - Nice Job!!!  Ken (2nd row right) stopped in with "Jazz" and this nice 9 pound bluefish.  Jazz & Ken lent a hand to a couple driving the beach with tires at full pressure.  Needless to say they were buried to the frame in no time.  But Jazz & Ken managed to pull them out and off the beach.  Nice job guys!!!!  Then 12 year old Enzo & 7 year old Roman (3rd row left & middle) were fishing with their dad Steve and had a blast with the big bluefish.  Mike Cullen (3rd row right) also stopped in with his bluefish from the surf today on bunker.  The 4th row of photos are all members of the Merchantville Fishing Club.  John O'Connel (4th row left) and grandson Ryan O'Connel (4th row middle) sent in these nice photos of their action on the beach.  Then Steve Hastings (4th row right) came in with 3 bluefish up to 10.06 pounds.  Nice job everyone and Thank You all so much for your reports & photos - John

2017 Spring Store Tournament Standings - Bass

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James (9.82#)

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Caught on New TFO GIS SP 1102-2 Rod and a Pappy's Pride Plug

James  (14.42#)

2017 Spring Store Tournament Standings - Bluefish

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Pete Kelly  (13.66#)

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