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2016 Kid's Crabbing Contest - See Weeks #1 thru #3    Results on our Tournaments/Contests Page

Wednesday,  July 27th, 2016

​6:40 AM-We should be receiving fresh bunker today - will let you know when it arrives.  Week #4 of our Kid's Crabbing Contest is still underway - good luck to all.  Some of the small Snapper Bluefish in the bay are now large enough to take a hook.  Skates & Dogfish continue keeping most surf anglers busy.  But there are also a few Bluefish, Summer Flounder, Kingfish, Rays, Trigger, Weakfish, Striped Bass, & Brown Sharks to keep things interesting.  The fluke fishing in the bay and ocean has been decent for boaters with a few more keepers being reported.  We now offer more rentals for the summer.  We have always offered fishing rod rentals in various sizes, now we have added crab trap rentals, clam rake rentals, and a seine net rental.  Supplies are limited and can't be reserved.  First come, first served.  Stop by the store or call for details.

Yesterday 7/26/16- Kingfish & Fluke continued keeping anglers busy off the surf & inlet, along with our summer resident skates & dogfish.  Snapper blues & blowfish in the bay on suid/spearing/clam baits.  Had a small crab come in to be measured by 9 year old Will (left photo).  After the photo they released the crab to grow bigger.  Thanks so much for stopping in to measure your catch!  Captain Rick of the Sea Eagle (right photo) charter fishing boat got his customers on some nice Stripers.  One was 18 lbs - Not bad for July!


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​​​​​Surf City Bait & Tackle’s
“Bruce Hoagland Memorial” Kids Crabbing Contest

Weekly Starting Saturday 7/2 through Friday 9/2

There are 8 one week Segments - It’s free!!!  

Just Go Crabbing & Bring in your 4 ½” or larger crab to be measured & have your picture taken.
Largest crab for the week wins a prize donated by Sportfish Products, LLC

Will (Under 4.50") Released

2016 Kid's Crabbing Contest - Week #4







Available:  Blood Worms, Green Crabs, Minnows,  Salted Clams, Salted Bunker Chunks, Vac. Pack Bunker, Crabbing Bunker, Squid Strips-plain & shedder crab, Whole Squid, Squid Bits, Tube Squid, Spearing, Salted Mackerel, Smelts, Mullet, Sand Eels, Clam (Qt) & Bunker Chum (Qt & 5 Gal)

Out of:  Fresh Bunker, Surf Clams, Shucked Clams, EELS

Not in stock:  Fresh Spearing, Fresh Mullet


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