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​    Wind:  SW 10-15 kt.  

LO am- 2:47
  LO pm- 2:48
 HIGH am- 8:38
​ HIGH pm- 8:56



    Cody Schmutz (26.60#) 

    Tim Stumpf (29.60#)    44.50"-L,  23.24"-G

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    Ted Kamish, Jr. (44.38#)    47-7/8 inches Long

2017 Spring Store Tournament Standings - Bluefish

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1st (Largets Takes All)

         Bob Daley  (16.18#)            38.00 Inches Long







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Saturday, June 24th, 2017-

12:45 PM Update- We just had our first Striped Bass in a while come in to the shop.  6 year old Ben Pirrello (photo below) landed this 29-3/4 inch, 10 pound Bass from the Surf City beach this morning on salted clam.  Ben casted, hooked, and landed this fish all on his own.  Congrats to Ben!!!!!  BTW- when Ben's dad Steve fillet the fish it had 22 sand fleas in it's stomach. - John

11:15 AM- Surf fishing still slow again yesterday.  Most surf anglers are trying for Fluke with a few shorts reported here and there.  Crabbing continues to be good for many giving that a try.  Already had a nice Fluke come in this morning.  Jerry Scaturo (photo below) landed this 21 inch, 3.25 pound flattie from the LBI surf this morning using Gulp Shrimp.  Nice way to start the day.  I will try and keep you posted as more reports come in.  Unfortunately we are out of fresh bunker until sometime tomorrow (maybe) at the earliest.  Very sorry about that.  Bunker has been hard to come by the last 2 weeks. - John

Yesterday (06/23/19)- Fishing reports were skates & dogfish for the most part today.  A few Fluke & Kingfish have been reported along the beaches as well.  Crabbing has been good for many folks trying that.  More anglers are trying for sharks in the evening hoping that bite turns on soon.  Have had a few reports of Sand Tiger & Brown Sharks from the bay side, but still kind of slow. - John


2017 Spring Store Tournament Standings - Bass

NJ License Agent 

Pat Presutto   (15.76#)     37.50 Inches Long

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     Donny Dempsey  (14.88#)