5-11. TJ with a nice weigh in. 
15.10 lbs. 33 1/2’ & 18 1/2 girth to take 2nd place. Also a cpl nice blues 
Using bunker. 

GIRL POWER! Marisa & Meesh (Sue needs camera lessons for chopping out 1/2 of Meesh's fish, lol)
7.2 lb bunker
10.8 lbs plug

Cathy: 34 1/8 & 13.48 lbs
Todd 39 1/2 & 20.60 lbs
Non Tournament (s)

5-15Bright & early first thing this morning one of our nicest customers, Pat Presutto. 22.64 LBS. In spring Derby & Store tournament.

4-11 Caught 5 this morning & stated everyone is catching them now. Angler, Robert  Dagrossa (correct spelling?)

​​Daniel Burgmann with his weigh in. 6.04 lbs (Bled). Using bunker

5-14: Don Ingling with his 10.58. Plug, SC

Holy s*%t... It is hereby 0FFICIAL and CONFIRMED!! Brendan Pomykacz got this. 7.4 lb 31 1/2" Bluefish this morning north end on artificial..(Non store or derby fish) Sweet!

Larry from Philly with his blue

​Your's truly (myself). 11.18 LBS. Had I only signed up for the tournaments. Could of, should of, would of...

Chris S. That's all I got for now

​LBIFC member, Bob B, got into bluefish this morning. None qualify for a standing in any of the tournaments. Got them all on bunker.

5-19 Our very own James and wife Marissa had a good day. Don’t be fooled by this picture. She out fished him but he said he had to pose with the most because he works at Bait & tackle shop


Rich Barber with his 34 1/2, 17 1/2 girth, 13.36 lbs Store Tournament catch on clam. 

5-17 Jay Long with his keeper. Caught on clam.

Our Susan...Last year she told me she’d catch a keeper before me. Ask her who’s fish she’s cleaning 🤔. Also, Dr said she would need PT on her wrist from her fall. So, myself being a problem solver, I not only get one before her, I help her with Physical Therapy. Filet my fish woman! She keep taking smack she will next be like “Daniel Son” on Karate Kid: paint the fence, mop the floor, cleaning my truck, boat w/wax on and wax off. Lol. 

Christopher with his derby weigh in this morning. 29 1/4, 8 lbs 2 oz. caught on clam.  

5-19 Tommy just weighing one in at 12.42 lbs. on bunker

Tuesday 4/24
Yesterday continued to produce short stripers for those putting in the time.  Hettler brothers, Francis & Joseph didn't have any action until top of the tide, outgoing.  Francis got 7 shorts, mostly on bloodworms, biggest was 25" on Fish Bites & only 1 hit on clam.  Joseph got a keeper weakfish on clam.  

5-19 Lenny again  with 2 more blues after weighing in his  store tournament fish in last night. Using bunker


Last night Darlene got this 8.6 lb drum on clam

5-17Another one hits the scale weighing in at 20 lbs, 9 oz. On bunker

John, 9.15 lbs Bluefish, using bunker

5-13 TJ with yet another! 8.02 lbs. The bad part,This little guy hit the bait so hard it actually broke his TFO ! 
No worries, TFO has a lifetime warranty on their rods. Doesn’t matter how it broke, replacement is FREE.

5-15. J Long with his 24.14 lbs, 41' catch. Bunker. NON TOURNAMENT. Nice! 

Matt from Merchantville Fishing Club brings in some bluefish for affidavits. Biggest one shown here. All on mullet 

Mike G, member of LBIFC weigh in a few of his fish. Caught on bunker north end of island
Striper 8.74 lbs. Bluefish weighs in at 7.42 lbs & had another at 5.46 lbs.

​Micheal "Steal Your Face" Johnson on Monday near Mystic Island holding the biggest of 3 he caught on bloodworms
shown is his 26" bass. ~Jerry

Max Gintvainis 14 yrs old. 28 3/4 7.84 lbs. (Non Derby!) Caught in SC using clam. Good job!  

5-19 Brandon with his 9.44 lb weigh in

​​​​​​4-11 ​Danielle caught & released this dbl header on a hi/low rig using blood worms in the back bay. Great job!

Vince Orzel weighs one in for the store tournament. 14 lbs, north end, on a teaser. SWEET!

LBIFC member Paul brought in these 2 for the scale ( non tournament)
both caught on the north end , both on bunker.
striper ( humpback) 12.6 lbs
bluefish ( been bled) 8.4 lbs Awesome Job Paul!

Steven Campanelli Just weighed in this beast to take the lead in the derby (non store tourn.). 
26.76 lbs  40 1/4 length and 23 1/2 girth. On bunker at night 5-11 
Nice catch!! 


And Pat Mickles gets in the action..
28 1/4, 6.8 lbs 

5-19Jimmy hard at work with this dbl hitter. 1 blue, 1 bass

Always thankful for reports & pictures.
Charter Boat Captain Greg Carr's daughter Ash with an impressive blackfish. From Greg"Ash got a 13.5 lb tog on your clams Sunday!" Great Job!  ~Jerry

John with his 10lber (bled)

Brandon with his 13.96 lbs caught in Harvey Cedars on bunker. Derby fish and he's also in store tournament. 

5-18Larry Mccnney with his 11.16 lb blue to take lead in store tournament. Using bunker

5-19Jimmy Betz with this big boy weigh in. 12.44 lbs. to take the lead in store tournament and 2nd place in the derby. Nice!

Chris Masino weighs in a 10.625 lb bluefish for The Spring Derby.Caught on bunker in LL. Well done!

5-14: Greg O'Connell: 31 1/2 & 9.56 lbs. Bunker chunk, Holgate

5-19Chanthoeun only out there for a hour so and comes back with all smiles and 2 blues.

Jimmy Betz: Handful of shorts & 6.12 lb black drum. All caught on clam. ~Jerry

5-16 A new leader for the Spring Derby & Store Tournament. Lew Halas, member of American Anglers FC, brought in his still kicking  30.94lb striper caught on bunker in SC. Nice fish!!

​LBIFC member Joe Boccuto got this 38" aprox 25 lb striper on bloodworms fishing the Delaware River. NICE!

​That's right, it's not a mirage.... Rich Barber with a little bluefish caught on clam today. 

5-6 Update: 7:30 am Just weighed in (above pic) a Derby fish. Greg, 12.56 LBS, 32 1/2'. Caught in Harvey Cedars. Takes lead in 1 st place in Derby Tournament and 3 rd in the store tournament. Nice!

As I told Susan since she said last year she’d get one before me this year...I don’t go fishing, I go catching, lol 
Your’s truly. 30’, 8.20 lbs. ~Jerry 

5-17Greg O'connell moves into 3rd place in Spring Derby with this 25.10 lb striper caught with bunker in BL