5-23: Good Morning! Yesterday seemed to be a little slow. Only 3 weigh ins. 2 pretty decent in size. The fish are out there. You just gotta put the time in with bunker seeming to be the bait. Tomorrow's weather (Wind) looks like it's gonna be my favorite type, North West and at a nice 10 mph. We have fresh bunker in stock and only a few more days left for driving on the beach so get out there and get your lines in the water and keep'em tight. ~ Jerry   

Sorry for the delay in update or lack of from yesterday. Seems that while I was away the fish showed up yesterday. Got quite a few weigh in and blues may have FINALLY showed up with the NE wind we had. Lets hope that this is just the beginning. Here below are the pictures of yesterday weigh ins. ~Jerry

Reports from today- 2 shorts out front!!
1 on clam.
1 on Deadly Dick
Both in 20" range

5-25 Cpl more bass weighed in past day or so. Little slow on that end but the ones coming in are of decent size. Last night (early am) I weighed one in for A.J. 28.70 lbs caught on bunker in SC whom sees to be on fire this week. Also, don't forget not only is it Memorial Day weekend but it's also OPENING Day of Fluke season. We have all your bait & tackle needs in stock so stop in and look around and check out our crab room with new inventory. ~Jerry   

5-21: Been a cpl days since I have updated here as I been doing so on our fb page. Anyways, Saturday was a great day for blue fishing. They hit and tried to destroy anything in the water. Alot of blues weighed in with a cpl stripers. Yesterday eh, not so great. At least not for me as I was out there fishing too. Only thing I caught was a few short bass and a nap & plastic bags. HOWEVER, there was a couple of people who had a good day. TJ with his almost 23 pound striper, Marcus with 12.84 lb blue and lets not forget #womenthatfish. Marie with her 22.54 lb striper. Today, there has also been a few weigh in already. Some fishing pre-dawn and some early am. Some nice size ones. Lets hope the bite stays on. Get out there and fish. Keep those lines tight! ~Jerry

Nothing caught as of yet out front yesterday. Report of snapper blue caught in back bay & cpl short bass. Caught on blood worms & soft plastic. ​~​Jerry~

Good Morning. Not much going on here. Past cpl days have been slow with just shorts being caught here and there. No new weigh ins as of yet. The normal reports of bluefish down by the inlet and back bay but again, UNCONFIRMED. Next day or so will be a NE wind and cloudy with chance of showers. Me personally, one of my favorite times to fish and catch. So, other then what stated not much new to report except let me tell you.. That fist cup of coffee in the morning is absolutely the BEST.   ~Jerry

4/23  Today there are mixed reports coming from the anglers that are giving it a try. Angler Bill M from LBIFC got more shorts using blood worms, got his biggest of 19" on Fishbites and a hit on clam.  An angler fishing out front in SC got a couple of shorts using soft plastics, and report from Ship Bottom using blood worms was nothing. Bay bite last night into this morning slowed down with smaller sizes making an appearance.  
The tog bite is slow, but are getting keepers off the rocks. We have green crabs in stock. Remember that black fish closes April 30th & doesn't reopen again until summer.
Bait delivery expected tomorrow. Hoping to get those elusive clams along with more blood worms & crabs.

Expecting fresh bunker for the weekend. Getting some blood worms directly from Maine later this week with the hope that they will be better quality than what 
we have been getting. 
Saturday, the beaches will be busy between 7:30 & 1:30 because ---

Saturday is the 2nd Annual Nicole Born Surf Fishing Tournament. 

This is a team and individual tournament hosted by RH Custom Rods. ASAC rules are followed.  Prizes are amazing. Many teams and individuals already signed up.  SCBT employee James will be on Team Greg & employee Bob M will fishing on the Heaver's Team.  Best of luck to them & all anglers fishing this tournament.  If you are calling in with a pre-order, make sure you also give contact name and phone number.

We will be open at 4am on Saturday. All anglers fishing Saturday's tournament gets 10% off entire bill. 

We welcome all fishing reports and pictures.  You can send them through text at (609) 713-8331, email surfcitybt@comcast.net., post them on our FB page or stop in the shop with them. Include name, date, bait & any other info you'd like to share.
Tournaments underway are the Shops Striper, Shops Bluefish and Island's Spring Derby. No fish have been entered as of this post.  You can sign up at anytime during the duration of these tournaments. 

Tuesday 4/24
Yesterday continued to produce short stripers for those putting in the time.  Hettler brothers, Francis & Joseph didn't have any action until top of the tide, outgoing.  Francis got 7 shorts, mostly on bloodworms, biggest was 25" on Fish Bites & only 1 hit on clam.  Joseph got a keeper weakfish on clam.  
10:30am- Just got a bait delivery.  We got surf clams, but did not get blood worms. Hopefully by tomorrow or Thursday. Will update as status changes. ~Sue

August 19th, Sunday
Today is a more cooler in the mid 70's degrees. Wind is coming from the Northeast at brisk 15mph. Water temps should climb a bit with the switching of the wind. Bluefish to cocktail size are still just over the bar and snapper blues are in the wash and will be for the next few weeks. Throwing metal seems to be the right type of lure to land these blues. Fluking at the Jetty is good and crabbing is still going strong in the bay. Get out there and fish! Carl H <'///><

Not so sure about fishing today BUT, with gusting winds up to 41 mph , heavy rain, thunde

storms & flooding makes for a good day to fly a kite or be a duck. Stay safe...  ~Jerry

5-14: First, Hope everyone had a relaxing and joyful Mother's Day yesterday. Now, onto fishing... The action has slowed down somewhat the past cpl days but there is fish being caught and brought into the store. I took the day off yesterday and told Susan she had to work, cover for me or else, lol. I was out front fishing for 5-6 hours. Weather was far from perfect and to be honest and in one word, weather "sucked". This being said, I was not the only one out there. I personally saw quite a few ppl hooking up. Lots of small bass being caught, quite a few blues also.On bunker and plugging. I did see one person with what appeared to be 34 inch bass. Myself, I hooked up on a cpl small shorts, 1 bluefish and one 30 inch striper (on bunker). And let me add, I told Susan she had to clean my fish or else she could mop the parking lot, Lol (Kidding). Any event, the fish are out there. You just have to put your time in. Note, Stay near your rod. When they hit, they are hitting fast and hard. Even the small ones. One of our regulars, TJ. had his TFO rod break on him from his keeper. He caught the fish but it still hit hard and fast. Luckily for him TFO has a lifetime warranty on their rods and will replace at no cost no matter what the circumstances are. We do have them in stock in the store and I can personally tell you, I do own and its a Great product! Finally, STOP reading this and wishing.... Get out there and fish! ~Jerry   

Past cpl days have been a little slow. Have heard reports of blues on North end but NOT confirmed. Still hearing of shorts out front and one confirmed blue with a cpl keepers here and there. Next cpl days suppose to be kinda dreary with cloud cover, off and on showers. For me personally, I'd rather fish this weather then bright & sunny. Have plenty of bait in stock except Surf Clams. They are still very difficult to get.

Get out there and hook up. As I say, beats sitting home on the couch or listing to screaming kids, or doing a "honey doo list' or if it's just you, talking to yourself... ~Jerry

August 19th, Sunday
Today is a more cooler in the mid 70's degrees. Wind is coming from the Northeast at brisk 15mph. Water temps should climb a bit with the switching of the wind. Bluefish to cocktail size are still just over the bar and snapper blues are in the wash and will be for the next few weeks. Throwing metal seems to be the right type of lure to land these blues. Fluking at the Jetty is good and crabbing is still going strong in the bay. Get out there and fish! Carl H <'///><

Still a little slow out there. Bluefish ?I got nothing for ya. Nada except doing the same as ya'll are. Patiently waiting... ~Jerry   

4-26 @ 7:30
Reports of many small stripers out front in SC. Still no signs of Bluefish. ~Jerry 

August 14th, Tuesday

Report in already this morning is kingfish hitting blood worms. Unfortunately we are out until Thursday.  Fishbites as an alternative work well.  Report from the rocks the other day was 14 short tog, biggest at 14 1/2". Vendors are having a difficult time getting green crabs & not for lack of trying. We will keep you updated on bait status. Snappers at the inlet on darters, bucktails. Snappers in the bay continue hitting on snapper poppers and small pieces of spearing. Snappers out front as well. Cody, Bobby & Danny out front early yesterday evening& got a lot of short fluke.  Big rays still out there. On Saturday, the Annual Hofnod Kids Tournament was held. There were approximately 170 kids in attendance. Kingfish & small bluefish mostly. The awards got delayed d/t the weather, but it was another successful year thanks to all of the hard work everyone puts in to make a special day for the kids and their families. Can not believe we are at mid-August already. Pretty soon, the island will see fewer people as kids get ready for back to school. I can't believe next  week my son goes back to college and the week after, my daughter. Blink of an eye, blink of an eye. Reminds me to seize the moments and live joyously every day. Despite how busy, start living and doing, find balance & enjoy. We all inevitably have the same outcome, the only difference is how long we have until we get there. We don't know.  So enjoy people! I'm still working on this. Haven't gotten there yet, but I did make it to the beach once this summer. Obviously, I have a long way to go, lol! Hope all of you reading this are living in the day & of course taking every advantage to go fishing. `Sue~

Here fishy, fishy, fishy...  ~ Jerry

     August 4th, Saturday : Fishing has been  slow . Off the beach, there are big rays, dogfish, fluke, kingfish, brown sharks and sand tigers.  The quantity is what we are lacking. Reasons are up for many discussions, but if you start talking Replenishment you will find everyone in agreement that it absolutely sucks & destroys fishing, but moving off that soapbox.   If you're  more interested in some dinner king fish are in off the beach with small hooks,  bloodworms, fishbites, or small pieces of clams.  Helpful Hint of the Day: if using Gulp and tail gets bit off, do not throw it away, Instead, cut into small pieces and use for kingfish-they will hit it. No regulations on kingfish & they are a white flaky fish. Good eating-yea! The occasional fluke is also being caught just past the breakers.  Fluke off the rocks with bucktails and synthetics have been producing mostly shorts. Have not heard anything on the Tog bite. Tog reopened August 1st and are able to keep 1 at 15" &  we do have green crabs in case you decide to put your line in the water for them.  Lots of peanut bunker out there. Should be getting a supply of minnows in today.  Have been having a difficult time getting them this year. Now we just need our tank to cooperate.  Hoping to get  a better & simpler system next year.  Families are having fun with throwing a 1/8 or 1/4 oz metal or using a snapper popper with spearing for the snapper blues in the bay.  Unfortunately, have not gotten any feedback on blowfish.  If you are giving it a try, use clam chum, pieces of clam,  let us know how you make out.  Remember, there are no regulations on these as well.   Sue

May 2018

Update: 12:36 PM
Report of lots of small bass at Holgate in the wash using metal...Jerry


August 16th, Thursday

Today is warm near 90 degrees on the Island. Wind is coming from the Southwest blowing just about 10 mph. The surf fishing report is that Cocktail size (1-3 lbs) Bluefish are moving into the area. Mullet rigs and or medal seems to be the the ticket. Small to a few keeper Fluke are being landed at the jetty using bucktails and Kingfish are still in the wash. Fishbites or bloodworms are the best for those tasty Kings. Soon the Albacore Tuna should be on our beaches so be prepared for that. The back bay is still producing decents crabbing with snapper bluefish all over. Anne Brislin of Manahawking reports crabbing was good on the west side of the bay yesterday using Bunker, that was until the Green heads hit. Stop in the store for all of your fishing needs and remember we are running a children's crabbing contest. Carl H <'///><Type your paragraph here.

5-10Safe to assume the fish are here. Don't wanna be that person who told you so but oh wait, yes I do. I did say a few days ago it was my opinion the fish would show up Mon or Tues with the NE winds. Yea, I was right lol. Sue has been going non stop past cpl days by herself with normal store routine as well as making sure to take pictures of the weigh in. Plus, she somehow manages to take care of late night call in for bait. Even after working from 6 am till 10 pm. Be sure to thank her as we sometimes get caught up in our own things and assume they know we appreciate them. BTW, She likes peanut M&M's and WaWa brownies, lol  ~Jerry  

August 17th, Friday
Today is warm again near 90 degrees. Wind is coming more from the South blowing just about 10-15 mph. Possible T Storms tonight. The surf fishing report is that Cocktail size (1-3 lbs) Bluefish are moving are blitzing on rain fish from Surf City to the inlet. Mullet rigs and or metal seems to be the the ticket. Small to a few keeper Fluke are being landed at the jetty using bucktails and Kingfish are still in the wash. Fishbites or bloodworms are the best for those tasty Kings. Soon the Albacore Tuna should be on our beaches so be prepared for that. The back bay is still producing decent crabbing with snapper bluefish all over.  Carl H <'///><

UPDATE 11:18 AM- GREEN CRABS ARE IN STOCK AGAIN.  Only got 1/2 bushel, but lucky to even get that amount. Will go fast, I'm sure.
Tog Joe in this morning to give boat report for Dead Head Dave & friend..got 52 short fluke, using a simple set up with gulp, but not a keeper among them.

​AUGUST 2018​

5-28 Today the bluefish bite has seen to gotten a little bit hotter. I, myself went out fishing last night after work and caught a 36 inch, 11.68 lb blue and a 28' bass  (Released). This morning and up till an hour ago (12;45 pm) I have weighed people in with stripers up to 36 inches and blues in the 9-11 lb range. Bunker and Salted Clam seems to be doing the trick. The bigger fish seem to be hitting at dark and more or so close to low tide. As for fluke, since Friday we have seen 3 weigh in. Caught on bunker as well as 1 being caught on pink gulp. Keep those lines tight if fishing as the hit is fast and hard. Be safe and hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend. `Jerry 

5-12:Perfect fishing weather. Cloudy, dreary and showers. Trust me, fish doesn't mind getting wet... Cpl nice way ins yesterday with TJ jumping into 1 st place in Spring Derby and Store Tournament. However, his 1 st place in Derby was short lived. Lasted maybe 6 hours. He is still in 1 st in the Store Tournament. 
As for the fish, they are here. Stipers and blues out front. You just have to put your time in. Tomorrow is Mother's Day guys so don't forget all mom. Take HER fishing or buy her a new reel & rod that you YOU really want! ~Jerry

Reports past cpl days is alot of small bass out front. Also 2 black drum and 1 red drum. As of now starting to see them get a little bit bigger in size. 2 weigh in's today of keepers. Is this the beginning.... ~ Jerry 

4-26 @ 7:30 PM
Reports of many small stripers out front in SC. Still no signs of Bluefish. ~Jerry 

​Still seeing some stripers being caught out front. From previous week they are getting bigger in size. As for bluefish, have heard of reports that they are around with a cpl being caught here and there. Good news is the water temp. is finally climbing. Above 50 degrees now. It's only a matter of time. Wouldn't doubt it if it was to happen in the next few days so be ready. You sure cant catch anything if you're home doing a "honey doo" list.... ~Jerry

The weather in one word-SUCKS. Gusting wind with little relief in sight.  Tonight into tomorrow morning is supposed to be worse d/t heavy downpours. High tide, new moon & can expect coastal flooding. No surprise there.  Conditions are making it un- fishable out front.  However, 16 year old AJ Max hit the back bay & got onto stripers this morning.  That is where the action continues to be. We are behind the last 3 years blue fish bite's time table. Water temps & winds putting us behind schedule. How long until they show up? Time will tell, but while waiting, make sure to sign up for The Island's Spring Derby Tournament ( previously known as Simply Bassin')  This tournament has been revamped and now includes bluefish. Top 3 stripers and Top 3 bluefish are paid out. Cost is $ 20 and starts Saturday 4/21 & goes until 6/24.  Also, the store's In-house tournament is underway.  Striper Tournament $10.00  Now until June 30th. Top 3 paid out 100% 1st place-50%, 2nd place-30% and 3rd place-20%.  Bluefish Tournament $5.00 Now until June 30th. Top fish takes all.  ~Sue~

Patiently waiting for the blitz to happen any day! Reports from yesterday (4-18) of cpl shorts caught out front! Is this the beginning of the fish moving in from the back bay ?! Jerry

5-19: Weather in one word, "Sucks" but if you are willing to brave the wind and rough surf there is fish being caught. Had a few bluefish weighed in since last night and this morning. Caught on bunker. Surf conditions is a East wind right in your face with gusts to 22 mph. Reports are  8 oz is holding today where as yesterday 10 oz or more was needed. Make sure if you do go out you have rain gear and some type of face mask as like I said, the wind and sand hits you right in the face. We do have Bimini Bay Solar Guard masks in stock. ~Jerry

August 5th, Sunday
When you walk outside before 6am and it's already hazy, hot and humid it's "going to be a scourcha" (imitating my grandmother as best as i can) . Eddie Yates has a gang of about 13 aboard The Hunter today. Left the inlet about 6:15 am & have had only shorts so far.  No relief on the beach or in a boat today. No breeze, very hot & seeums, black flies biting. Suggest you hit the bay when we have a west wind, which is pretty much until further notice. Activities besides swimming in the bay include crabbing, fishing for snapper bluefish, or try a seine net. Seine netting is the only guarantee of getting some sort of marine life for the kids. That and the fact they are in the water while using it makes for a more desirable day for them as well. A guaranteed hit. We do have rent them for only $15 for the day. A great option if you don't want to buy.  For more information call the store at       (609) 494-2333.  Report yesterday from Joey continues to be the same from what we are hearing from others-kingfish out front, rays and dogfish. Joey, dad and girlfriend hitting the back bay for fluke & will report when they get in.  Don't forget tonight is our weekly free fishing class from 6-7pm at the shop. Come and hang out with Bobby & find out everything you want to know and more about fishing LBI. This class is only offered during summer months so take advantage of it if your schedule allows. Free, informational & increase your chances of catching.  Last week Bobby took 3 out to the front beach & with first cast 14 year old JACK  got a fluke. Sue


Report from out front is 8 oz to hold bottom. Anglers getting back to us say no bites out front so they are going to the back bay. ~Jerry~

5-17: And here we are again. Perfect weather for a duck and fish. Wet, bone chilling, and just plain miserable. Any even't as I said yesterday I was going to try and get out there on beach for some me time. Although the weather kinda sucked if you are a nice and sunny type of angler but for me it was idea. Seen few people hook up with short bass as well as blues. Me personally, I hooked up with a nice blue. 11.18 lbs (on bunker). Had cpl other nice hits but if you're not standing right at your rod chances are that you are you just gonna feed the fish. lol. They are hitting fast and hard. Check out our new Derby and Store Tournament leader. Right after I left to go home I got a text from Susan saying check my email (which as of this time, I have yet to get, lol). Thank god for Facebook otherwise I wouldn't have believed her of a 30 pounder being weighed in.
In other news, weather looking ahead seems to be same as past couple of days. More rain. Winds are also suppose to be picking up with gusts in the 30 mph range. If you're out there fishing be careful and if you're one to have a toupee... Might wanna leave that home.... ~Jerry 


To those who indulge: Happy 420! Be mindful of the Anglers who don't indulge are down wind. Reports are still somewhat sporadic. Other than the cpl shorts caught the other day OUT FRONT and the back bay not much to report. Weather has in one word "SUCKED". Next few days will be plenty of sun with diminishing winds. Don't forget, TOMORROW is the first day of 2018 Spring Derby! Stop in to register. You have more of a chance of catching if you're here and not at home on the couch reading this. ~Jerry  

August 8th, Wednesday
HOT, HOT, HOT- weather, not fishing. Keep yourselves hydrated, check on your elderly neighbors & keep your fur family indoors as much as possible.  Heat warnings issued until 8pm.  According to local Erik O, fluke fishing off the surf is increasing, working a bucktail & gulp. Boater, Dead Head Dave, drifting around the bay said things remain slow, getting mostly shorts.  Off docks, piers & bulkheads, throwing a 1/8 oz 1/4 oz metal or a snapper popper with spearing have anglers  hooking into snapper blues.  Out front, big rays remain & some enjoying the fight. Continuing to hear about kingfish being caught on bloodworms and or fishbites.  Getting more bloodworms in tomorrow.
Attention families with kids ages 5-17. This Saturday is the Annual HOFNOD ( Hooked on Fishing Not on Drugs)  Kids Fishing Tournament.  This is a free event for all.  Registration is from 8am-9am at Sunset Park in Harvey Cedars.  Limited amount of rod/reel combos will be given to the first kids to arrive.  Others can get loaners to use for the fishing.  Upon arrival, kids will register, get a t-shirt, get bait and be able to walk around the park to the numerous stations set up. An adult must accompany the child (ren).  Staff/volunteers of this event will be in staff shirts and will go over the rules before everyone departs for across the street to the ocean. Did I fail to mention this is a surf tournament?!  Don't despair if little Johnny or Susie has never fished in the ocean before.  For many, this is a kids first exposure to ocean fishing.  The volunteers will be manning the beach by truck and foot to assist in any way possible.  After the members of the Long Beach Island Fishing Club volunteers blow the whistle to indicate fishing is over, everyone goes back across the street, hands in the loaner rod if applicable, wash up & get in line for the hot dog lunch provided for the families. While eating lunch, the scores are being tallied. Once complete, winners will be announced in different age groups & door prizes will be awarded.  This is a fun event for all. Rain or Shine.
Recomedation Level :HIGH      Sue

5-16: Good Morning!  Yesterday produced a few nice size weigh in's (Stripers) 20 lb range. The feed back and reports out front are anglers hooking up with shorts, some blues (not many) and some keepers. This morning moments ago I was told by 2 anglers that they are catching shorts, some small blues. Water is idea for fishing. Calm, clean, holding 4-5 oz. Wind is ENE about 8 mph. My type of weather. Cloudy, overcast with showers and the NE wind. Firm believer here... Bad day of fishing beats a good day at work. Especially if you work right next to Susan and she yaps non stop all day, goes from "Hey, it's raining to LOOK! ice cream". lol.
Good luck if you head out there. I'm heading out there now ~Jerry