Reports from today- 2 shorts out front!!
1 on clam.
1 on Deadly Dick
Both in 20" range

Nothing caught as of yet out front yesterday. Report of snapper blue caught in back bay & cpl short bass. Caught on blood worms & soft plastic. ​~​Jerry~

Not so sure about fishing today BUT, with gusting winds up to 41 mph , heavy rain, thunde

storms & flooding makes for a good day to fly a kite or be a duck. Stay safe...  ~Jerry

Here fishy, fishy, fishy...  ~ Jerry

4-20 12:36 PM
Report of lots of small bass at Holgate in the wash using metal...Jerry

Sunday 4/15
The weather in one word-SUCKS. Gusting wind with little relief in sight.  Tonight into tomorrow morning is supposed to be worse d/t heavy downpours. High tide, new moon & can expect coastal flooding. No surprise there.  Conditions are making it un- fishable out front.  However, 16 year old AJ Max hit the back bay & got onto stripers this morning.  That is where the action continues to be. We are behind the last 3 years blue fish bite's time table. Water temps & winds putting us behind schedule. How long until they show up? Time will tell, but while waiting, make sure to sign up for The Island's Spring Derby Tournament ( previously known as Simply Bassin')  This tournament has been revamped and now includes bluefish. Top 3 stripers and Top 3 bluefish are paid out. Cost is $ 20 and starts Saturday 4/21 & goes until 6/24.  Also, the store's In-house tournament is underway.  Striper Tournament $10.00  Now until June 30th. Top 3 paid out 100% 1st place-50%, 2nd place-30% and 3rd place-20%.  Bluefish Tournament $5.00 Now until June 30th. Top fish takes all.  ~Sue~

Patiently waiting for the blitz to happen any day! Reports from yesterday (4-18) of cpl shorts caught out front! Is this the beginning of the fish moving in from the back bay ?! Jerry


Report from out front is 8 oz to hold bottom. Anglers getting back to us say no bites out front so they are going to the back bay. ~Jerry~


To those who indulge: Happy 420! Be mindful of the Anglers who don't indulge are down wind. Reports are still somewhat sporadic. Other than the cpl shorts caught the other day OUT FRONT and the back bay not much to report. Weather has in one word "SUCKED". Next few days will be plenty of sun with diminishing winds. Don't forget, TOMORROW is the first day of 2018 Spring Derby! Stop in to register. You have more of a chance of catching if you're here and not at home on the couch reading this. ~Jerry